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BRADAS, founded by Mirko and Stevanija, spreads the word of love, respect and appreciation for all and at the same time builds a better future and helps others in need.


Starting a movement

Our founders grew up with an important message they received from their parents during the war in former Yugoslavia. Both parents lost everything during this war but still showed love, respect and appreciation for all people. They even helped people despite having nothing themself.

Stevanija and Mirko wanted to share this important message by creating a symbol for equality. They wanted to reconnect the world and give back to humans and nature. While brainstorming on how to start this movement they came up with the idea of using clothes to spread the word of love, respect and appreciation.

Sustainable message

Mirko and Stevanija are very keen on nature and want to leave a better world for the next generation, that is why they have very high standards for BRADAS.

All clothes are vegan, made of 100% biological cotton and all polyester is 100% recycled.

Besides that, our founders want to create a Guilt Free and Zero Waste movement. In order to achieve this BRADAS only produces by order and ships items in bulk once in 7-14 days.

Also the quality standards of the clothes are extremely high in order to make sure our customers can enjoy their purchase for al long time before they recycle it.


We do not conduct or commission any animal test or ingredients cautious of our ingredient selection.


High quality, so you can enjoy your purchase for al long time before you recycle it.


We only use bio cotton and recycled materials. And we reduce waste because we only produce by order.

Children charities

Because our founders grew up seeing their parents help others, their second nature is to help people in need.

Therefore a part of the profit is donated to children charities. At this moment BRADAS partnered with Het Vergeten Kind, a charity committed to children in the Netherlands who are having a hard time, because of many problems at home.

You automatically donate to Het Vergeten Kind when you purchase from BRADAS. In this way we want to create a win-win situation for all.


Together we are stronger! We are very proud of our ambassadors.

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