Give back to children

& support child charities

Because our founders grew up seeing their parents help others, their second nature is to help people in need.

Therefore a part of the profit is donated to children charities. At this moment BRADAS partnered with Het Vergeten Kind, a charity committed to children in the Netherlands who are having a hard time, because of many problems at home.

You automatically donate to Het Vergeten Kind when you purchase from BRADAS. In this way we want to create a win-win situation for all.

Het vergeten kind

Het Vergeten Kind is a small and professional organization that has been working since 2009 for children and young people in the Netherlands who grow up in an unsafe home situation.

Their goal is that these children live in a safe and stable place where they can develop and they grow into happy adults. Het vergeten kind achieves this by drawing attention so that the situation for vulnerable children can be structurally improved. But also by organizing children's activities, where children can feel like "normal" children and play without worries.


We do not conduct or commission any animal test or ingredients cautious of our ingredient selection.

High Quality

High quality, so you can enjoy your purchase for al long time before you recycle it.


We only use bio cotton and recycled materials. And we reduce waste because we only produce by order.

Recycled materials (PET)

For stability of our apparel we only use recycled polyester made of plastic bottles. It is known that products made from recycled plastic are soft, durable and breathable. We recycle what otherwise would become a polluting waste.

Certified Supply Chain

Our supply chain is certified by various independent bodies and standards.

Each of these certifications demonstrate that we are working towards building healthy environmental practices and greater respect for the planet, every step of the way.

We also use sustainable printing techniques and inkt for all of our designs and prints.

Besides that, we only ship in bulk every 7-14 days and produce only by order so that we can reduce waste.

Wear with pride

Spread the brotherhood, with every purchase you support child charities.

Giving is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference.