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Robuuste canvas duffle bag welke je kan gebruiken voor sporten en reizen. 

  • One size
  • 300 gram
  • 80% biologisch katoen
  • 20% gerecycled polyester

Bradas respecteert mensen en planeet, naast onze missie om broederschap te verspreiden, willen we ook teruggeven. Bij elke aankoop steun je automatisch kindgebonden goede doelen. Daarnaast is onze kleding duurzaam en gemaakt van 100% biologisch katoen en gerecycled polyester

Lees meer over duurzaamheid

No Waste

We only produce when you purchase your order, even though our products are sustainable and made from bio cotton and recycled materials, we do not want to overproduce. Because we produce by order, we ship your order between 7-14 days.



We only produce when you place your order. We do not have any items in stock because we do not want to overproduce.

This means that shipping takes place in about 7-14 days. But don't worry, it is worth the wait!

Child charities

BRADAS is founded for the next generation. We, unfortunatelly, did not grow up in peace, therefore we want to spread the message of love, respect and appreciation for all through our movement.

Because we are here for the next generation, we support child charities. At this point we donate to Het Vergeten Kind, a charity committed to children in the Netherlands.

Care Instructions

When you order an item from BRADAS, you know you will enjoy it for al long time.

Our quality standards are huge, because we want you to enjoy your garment for a long, long time before you recycle it.

In order to keep your garment in good shape, please do not tumble dry and only wash it cold (30 degrees celsius). When ironing, do not iron directly on the application!

With respect for human & nature

We only work with sustainable suppliers and our clothes are made with the best sustainable, bio and recycled materials. All items are 100% vegan.

  • Recycled materials (PET)

    For stability of our apparel we only use recycled polyester made of plastic bottles. It is known that products made from recycled plastic are soft, durableand breathable. We recycle what otherwise would become a polluting waste.

  • Shipping in 7-14 days

    We do things differently. We only produce by order to reduce waste. This means you will have to be patient. But we can assure you that it's worth the wait!